The Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Butter and Can I Use Both Products Together?

Published on 11 October 2020 at 13:29

Beard oil or beard butter? What is the difference between the two? One question we get at Bristles from new and regular clients is that if they can use both products together. Most men with bears use both oil and butter, nevertheless, some men prefer to use the butter alone for styling. 

Regardless of your maintenance routine or your beard length, we have written this to inform you.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is perfect if you want to grow a healthy beard. The oil will reach the skin below your beard to prevent it from drying out and provide moisture to keep your beard flake free. This will result in a much shinier and stronger beard. Bristles beard oil contains essential oils and vitamins to help retain or restore the oils which you lose when you wash your beard and help promote hair growth. Our Sweet Orange and Lavender beard oils are light, non-greasy that smell great and condition your beard. 

Beard Butter 

Beard butter is much lighter than a beard balm as most balms contain beeswax. It is sometimes seen as a beard product in between a beard oil and beard balm. Even though it is not a lotion, oil or balm it will still have styling properties that you would traditionally get with a beard balm. Our Beard butter will provide deep hydration to the skin below your beard and prevents flyaway hairs, by holding your beard  hairs together in your chosen style. Beard butter is much easier to spread than a balm and can help with dry skin. 

Should I Use Beard Oil and Beard Butter? 

The answer is relatively straight forward; if you are just starting on your beard expedition and have a short beard, use beard oil. Beard oil will help reduce itchiness, promote beard growth and moisturise your skin. 

Beard butter is great for styling and conditioning your beard. It will help you tame a wild beard. Use beard butter if you are further along your beard growing journey and want to keep it structured. 

The best way is to use both beard oil and beard butter  together to keep your beard looking thick and naturally shiny. The oil will create an environment for growth by helping moisturise the skin below and keeping the beard soft while the beard butter will keep your beard conditioned, which will help you style it and give it a thicker, fuller appearance. 

When it comes to the nitty gritty, as long as you use a beard oil or beard butter you are on the right track. A healthy beard requires special care to keep growing and using beard oil will promote healthy growth, while a beard butter will he you keep the beard conditioned and styled beautifully. The Duo that we have incorporates both products. 

This is the product which catapulted Bristles into the mens grooming market. Our beard oil has a complex blend of natural oils which will ensure your beard looks pristine at all times. Although you can use beard oil at any time of the day, we recommend that you use our product in the mornings for a clean, soft shine that will withstand the stresses of everyday life. Our beard oil will boost your beard and your confidence. 

Our beard oil is available in a variety of scents. 

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To compliment our beard grooming range, we have created Bristles beard butter. This product is enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Essential oils bound by Shea Butter. Our beard butter is a vital product in any beardsman's grooming regime. While beard butter can be used at any time of the day, we recommend our formula is used in the evening to hydrate the skin below and soften your beard while you sleep. 

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The Duo


The Duo


The Duo includes both our beard butter (50ml) and beard oil (50ml). We recommend buying this set as you can reap the benefits of both products and you'll be able to see how harmoniously they work together. With our beard butter that nourishes and hydrates your skin and beard, whilst our beard oil provides an unbeatable shine and glow. 

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